Google Android Campaign

Encounter with Ida and Hans, an forward thinking entrepreneurial couple concerned about womens health all over the world. Campaign for Google Android. client: Google agency: 72andsunny Amsterdam prod: Trigger Happy Productions


Das 24h Rennen am Nürburgring ist einmalig: Eine legendäre Strecke, passionierte Teams, hartgesottene Fans, die extremen Wetterumschwünge, Tag und Nacht vermischen sich...... Peter Posavac an der Nordschleife: "Ein 24-Stunden-Rennen dauert 24 Stunden. In der ersten Kurve gewinnt man gar nichts."


I know what you did last summer...

Our first music video (after the poem video).

Rolling in the deep... woods and lakes of Brandenbourg. 

Song: New World
Label: SBOX 05
Music and perfomance: AC Meadows

directed + photographed + edited by Katja Renner


HORNBACH campaign

STANISLAV, a passionate craftsman living near Prague, renovating his home for his family and specially for his beloved daughter. "Better measure twice before you cut!"   

"STANISLAV" is one of 4 portraits made for the HORNBACH spring camgaign 2015, shot in various european countries.

A getaway to Liebesgrün

The task was to catch the unique athmosphere of the small hotel village LIEBESGRUEN in the hills of Sauerland.

That was an easy one.

Portrait of Roussia

ME, ROUSSIA  is a short portrait of the first female house DJ in France. We followed the charming ex-model for one day, shared some precious moments and collected some inside views of her thoughts about music, love and life.

Martin, the glass man

 "Glass man" Martin from the small town of Schmallenberg, has been following his passion for colours, reflections and light for more than 30 years.


Portrait of Monika

ME, MONIKA  is an intensive and warm portrait of a Chanteuse performing two times a day in a hotel in the low mountain range of Germany. She´s been living in that hotel for almost 30 years now. 

Some family business

EICHLAUB  is a family business that creates simple handmade durable fashion. This video was shot with members of the family one weekend when we were snowbound in the farest southeastern spot of Germany.